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The leaflets and articles have been prepared as PDF documents. You will require a PDF Reader, such as Adobe Reader (which can be obtained from the Adobe web site).
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7 Reasons


If you remain silent


What is PFI


Truth of history


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PFI provides a number of resources associated with its core aims which include:

Weighing Prophecy

February Bulletin

Praying for Israel Bulletin

April Bulletin


February Bulletin

Hanukah Bulletin

December Bulletin

Loving Israel Bulletin

October Bulletin

Praying in a Time of War

April Bulletin

Sukkot Bulletin

October Bulletin

The Lesson of Israel's Sufferings

April Bulletin

A Voice in the Wilderness

August Bulletin

The Lord Word of God

April Bulletin


Whilst PFI has done it's best to make sure the videos listed here are doctrinally and morally correct, they are all in the public domain (i.e on YouTube) and we can accept no responsibility for the content or the currency of these videos.

We would like to warn you that YouTube videos accept comments from the public and these can sometimes be offensive.

For Prayer Partners CD & DVD teaching materials, mainly from PFI conferences and other meetings are available to order from the Partners area and in the Prayer Bulletin.

Lance Lambert - intercession

Historical Israel

Why Christians pray for Israel

Israel the Country

Joel Richardson | The Mystery of Catastrophe

Israeli Jewish girl who came to believe Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah!

Iranian Muslim chanted death to Israel Now speaks life!

ONE FOR ISRAEL - The Best Way To Bless Israel Is With Jesus